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Stream THE STORYTELLER, Featuring GH Faves

Stream THE STORYTELLER, Featuring GH Faves

Kristina Wagner (Felicia, GH) both appears in and served as a producer on the THE STORYTELLER, which was written and directed by her brother, Joe Crump, and stars Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma, GH) and Constance Towers (ex-Helena, GH), and after a successful run at film festivals, it has been selected by Hallmark to help launch their new streaming service, Hmnow.com.

“The soap opera fans have been fanatic about, ‘When can we see it?’ “ notes Wagner. “So we’re really excited to be on Hallmark’s new platform. It’s available right now and you can get a free trial and watch it immediately.” Shooting the film, she says, “was an incredible experience.

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My brother and his partner wrote it and won a screenwriter’s award, so it’s a really good script, and it attracted some really talented actors and actresses. It’s got a musical vibe to it, with original music and it’s good family programming.

It’s a story about a little girl who goes into this family’s life and ultimately helps them see themselves and who they are and helps to make themselves better. It’s a really feel-good film and I can guarantee that there are moments in it where everybody will cry. We took it to so many film festivals last year and it is always fun to watch the audience at that moment: ‘Are they crying? Okay, they’re crying — mission accomplished!’ Brooklyn is such a sweet, endearing person and a fantastic actress and she is wonderful in this movie.” Check it out here: http://soapoperafan.com/