Nick Sets a Plan to Expose Victor on the Hilary Hour

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley looks at framed photos of John and flashes to him expressing his pride in her. Jack appears and announces Dina is coming to the dinner without Graham. Ash wishes Dad could be there to see her get her award. Jack assures her he’ll be there in spirit and acknowledges that Ashley was always his favorite. She’s glad he never found out about her paternity. Graham-yearbook-YR-CBSThey groan about Brent Davis. Jack reveals her award ceremony will be taped for the Hilary Hour as Traci arrives. Once Jack’s gone, Ashley updates Traci on her latest discoveries about Graham. Ash is really concerned he’s a con man. Traci urges her to take time to bask in her accomplishments. Later, Traci’s old school friend visits, and recalls a ‘loner’ student named Graham. Traci gets out the high school yearbook and finds a Graham Davis.

In her suite, Dina complains to Graham that her Jabot password no longer works. She now dreads attending Ashley’s dinner. Graham offers to accompany her, but she doesn’t think her children would allow it. Ravi arrives. Dina expects to hear she’s fired, but he gives her a new password. Graham quizzes him on his computer skills, then asks Ravi to relay to Ashley that Dina wants him to come to the dinner.

In Crimson Lights, Chelsea warns Nick his idea is risky. Hilary appears, and Nick announces he wants to go on The Hilary Hour to talk about his father. Hil sets it up for later, but warns she’ll ask tough questions. Nick replies, “Bring it on.”

At Brash & Sassy, Neil thanks Victoria for promoting Lily. She assures him it has worked out great. He advises her to call if she needs anything, and Vikki admits she could use his help. Neil tests a face mask for her and raves about it as he urges her to feel his face.

At home, Phyllis flashes to Billy accessing her computer. He appears and wonders if everything’s okay. She advises him not to go to Ashley’s celebration dinner; Jack may be planning to embarrass him. Billy thanks her, but they agreed to set aside their differences. Phyllis knows he misses his family, and informs him he can get back into Jack’s good graces by quitting Brash & Sassy. They debate about him competing against his father’s legacy and his loyalties. Billy argues that Jack needs to get over Phyllis choosing him. Phyllis hisses at him, “You choose. Family or business.” Billy points out she’s maintained a relationship with Jack while being with him. If she can do it, he can too.

Devon-Hilary-doing-something-right-YR-CBSAt GC Buzz, Devon tells Hilary he can’t reach Mariah. Talk turns to them both attending Ashley’s award celebration, and to her landing an interview with Nick. Devon feels she must be doing something right. He leaves Mariah another message, before talking to Hilary about Victoria – he realizes she’s upset about their falling out. The conversation turns to Jordan, and Lily’s divorce. Hilary doesn’t think it will happen – with that kind of true love you always find a way back to each other.

In the Club gym, Chelsea warns Nick about airing his dirty laundry on Hilary’s TV show. Nick is sick and tired of pretending Victor is a wonderful human being and understands the risks.

Phyllis storms into Jack’s office. She reveals Billy tried to access the system again, but she stopped him. Jack rants about Billy not caring who he hurts as long as he gets what he wants, and declares his brother’s obsession with beating him is more important to him than she is. Phyllis-Jack-choice-made-YR-CBSPhyllis hollers that Victoria put Billy up to this, but Jack sneers, “Stop being a victim.” Phyllis wonders why it’s so important to Jack that she loathe Billy as he does. Jack seethes that Billy is a liar and a cheat unworthy of the Abbot name, and when he’s done, Billy will have nothing left. Phyllis says, “He’ll have me.” In the corridor, Ravi updates Ashley on his visit to Dina’s suite. She fills him in on Dina and Jack’s spat, and is frustrated she won’t listen about Graham’s lies. Ravi relays that Graham wants to come to the dinner. Ash phones Dina and tells her she can bring him. She informs Ravi she wants to see Graham try to lie his way out of things in front of her mother. Downstairs, Billy is distracted as Victoria chatters about Neil and work. He reveals that Phyllis urged him to quit, and Victoria insists she has an agenda. Billy hopes a dozen roses will bring her around. Victoria says Neil asked her to accompany him to Ashley’s dinner. Billy questions if that’s a good idea.

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