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Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney Back to DAYS Today!

Sami comes back to DAYS today, and in the new issue of Digest, Alison Sweeney sneak peaks her change inner self’s touchy first week back, start with her visit to Will’s grave. “Off camera, she heard what Ben needed to state at the wedding, and that is the thing that prompts her to return to town,” clarifies Sweeney.

Lifetime Drama : Alum Daniel Cosgrove Role in Daytime Lands

Alison Sweeney Days Today

“Along these lines, she goes to visit her child’s grave to consider what’s happening, and lo and view, she discovers John there with his child with scoops.” For additional, get the new issue of Digest, and tune in to get Sami’s energizing DAYS return!


Nick's Interview

Nick’s Interview [Spoiler] : Nikki Furious With Hilary

More Newman dirt hits the airwaves.

Thursday in Genoa City, Nick’s Interview

Nikki Furious is with Jack when she learns Nick was on The Hilary Hour, Nick and Chelsea anticipate reaction to his interview, and Graham and Ashley face off.

Find out what happens in Thursday’s episode through Soaps.com’s Y&R Day Ahead Recap. Read Soaps.com’s Y&R spoilers to learn who will be ordered out of the party.

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