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Sami Promises to Help Lucas & Find Answers About Will Grave

Lucas sees Sami at the cemetery and thinks he’s hallucinating. Sami grabs his bottle and throws it to the ground. “That real enough for you?” she yells, asking what in the hell is the matter with him. He was sober for years! He explains it all. She’s shocked that he woke up with a dead Anjelica but knew the rest because Marlena explained it all in a call. Lucas didn’t know Dr. Rolf was the one who said he brought Will back. They need to find Rolf. Lucas gasps. Could it be true? Episode # 13195Sami tears up. “Anything is possible.” They flash back to morgue scenes with Will on a slab and their cherished memories of their son. They bawl and acknowledge that Will wasn’t a perfect husband. Lucas doesn’t care – he says Sonny was no prize. Sami tells him that she caught Paul and John trying to dig Will’s grave. Lucas is floored but glad she took care of it by calling the cops. Episode # 13195He’s glad Sami stopped them. She grabs his bottle and chugs it all so that Lucas would have no more booze. She plans on getting him sober.

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Paul watches as Sonny looks at a photo of Will in his room at the Kiriakis mansion, wondering if his dead husband could be alive.  Downstairs, “Adrienne” tells Victor not to be such a “gloomy gus” and tell Maggie that he’s breaking up with her so they can get hitched. Victor’s grumpy. Everyone will know something is wrong. They all know he finds her a dreadful bore. Justin and Maggie stroll in for the family dinner. They each takes some food which is laid out for them on a table. Back upstairs, Paul approaches Sonny, who is sorry for thinking about Will.Episode # 13195 Paul confesses about attempting to exhume Will’s body with John. Sonny’s pissed off but at the same time, asks what they found. Paul tells Sonny that there isn’t room enough for three in their bed and goes back to Martin House. Downstairs, Maggie’s surprised when “Adrienne” says she’s not worried for Sonny. If Will’s not alive, at least he has Paul. Maggie’s puzzled then asks Justin to get wine. “Victor has an announcement to make, don’t you, sweetie.” Justin says. “Sweetie?” Victor reluctantly tells the room he and “Adrienne” have fallen in love. Justin and Maggie find this a sick joke. Vic calls it serious. Justin knows they can’t stand each other. “Adrienne” calls it an act. Maggie asks what in God’s name is going on with “Adrienne,” calling her a “serial slut.” She tells Victor to get a new lawyer – Justin won’t want to draw up a new prenup. Victor asks Maggie for a  divorce so he can marry “Adrienne.” Maggie assumes Victor has had a stroke.

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Nicole goes to the farmhouse. Eric is enthusiastic at seeing her though she’s not smiling. They embrace and Eric tells her about the play date he tried to set up with Holly and a girl down the street. Nicole says that won’t be happening. Eric thinks she’s having second thoughts about living on a farm and suggests they move to Salem. Nicole says no. They can’t be together. Nicole says Eric would have to give up his entire family for her, though Eric thinks his family will understand. He admits Marlena already is fine with it. Nicole cries. Maybe she doesn’t want to be the woman who breaks up two brothers. She’s taking Holly and leaving Salem. Eric reels. Nic clutches at her heart. Eric won’t lose her! She flashes to Brady’s blackmail and tells Eric that last night was “a terrible mistake.” She claims Eric took advantage of her vulnerability. Eric cries and begs, reminding her they made love. Nic tells him it was just sex. Eric asks if Brady threatened her. She goes and he screams her name.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Spoilers for the Week of October 09, 2017

Week of October 9:

B&B Weekly Spoiler Video: Brooke suspects Katie has a new man

Monday October 9:

Quinn discovers that Mateo can heal her pain with massage.

Liam asserts to Sally that their trip is strictly business.

Tuesday October 10:

B&B Spoiler Video: Sheila is confident Quinn will cheat with Mateo

When Mateo’s title changes at the Forrester estate, Sheila makes it work to her advantage.

Bill is infuriated after Justin gives him a report on Liam’s expenditures.

Wednesday October 11:

Mateo enjoys the advantages that come with being Quinn’s personal masseuse.

Katie keeps her love life hidden from Brooke when they discuss relationships.

Thursday October 12:

Steffy alerts Liam as to the risks of continuing to oppose Bill.

Bill lashes out at Liam about the state of his marriage to Brooke.

Friday October 13:

Quinn decides to play matchmaker for Wyatt.

Ridge learns a little more about why Brooke left Bill.

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